VAT Representation in Norway


Foreign businesses conducting taxable sales activity in Norway are obligated to register for Norwegian VAT. If the company is not established in Norway, it must be registered with a Norwegian VAT representative or through direct registration.


MomsPartner Representant AS operates as a Norwegian VAT representative. We ensure that your business is registered for VAT in Norway, and that all issues involving Norwegian VAT are handled properly and reported to Norwegian tax officials.


Please contact us if you are unsure whether your business is to be registered for Norwegian VAT.



VAT Registration in the EU/EEA


MomsPartner Representant AS offers services for European businesses in need of VAT-registration in various countries where they do not have a fixed establishment. Many countries permit foreign entities to register directly. In these instances, MomsPartner will ensure that VAT is handled properly, and that tax returns are submitted in due time.




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